mercredi 7 mars 2007


And on the 3549134th day, the Lord said :
"Thou shalt grow fur. For it will reduce your impact on global warming, and also reduce your electricity bill".
And so men grew fur and so did quite a few women.
Unfortunately, there was a great deal of reluctance amongst the female order (and they would blame it on some kind of social pressure, you know how they are...). And so they praised the Lord asking to do something about it because they just couldn't picture themselves on a beach with a bushy G-String.
And the Lord said:
"What do I care".
And so, while some resorted to just turn the heating up a couple of levels, some resorted to borrow fur. But that didn't seemed so right, and got quickly frowned upon. And so they finally resorted to use slave-fur-carrier.
And ChrisDi said:
"Well... ok...".
And that's how we've got a cat. ;D
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